Welcome to my blog world! I have organized this blog to assist you in your research of your modern artists and Mozart. Remember you need to collect photo’s and develop your dialogue for both Mozart and your artist of choice.

I will add the specific assignment for you in this post on Monday when I return to the classroom.

Powerpoint Project

Discuss Mozart’s life, personally and musically, the effects he had on the revolution of music including specific aspects in his composition techniques, and then compare him to the artist you choose in today’s modern music world in these same aspects.

 Include as many specific examples as possible about your chosen artist.

  •  Discuss what impact they had on the music industry.
  •  Discuss any specific ways they changed music for society.
  •  What makes them memorable or unique in the music world?
  •  Who did they influence?

 For your powerpoint story you will need to

  • Collect clip art
    • Mozart clip art
    • Clip art of your chosen artist
  • Write dialogue, which you will record over your photo story
    • Dialogue about Mozart
    • Dialogue about your chosen artist

***Projects will be presented on Monday, June 15th, our last day of class together. No Late projects will be accepted.


***Homework May 29, 2009 – Please begin researching your artist. If you have a thumb drive you can save any images that you find before we start our research in class. You can also begin to find information to include in your dialogue. We will have time to work on this during class, also.